II Workshop on Simulation and Analysis of Complex Systems

Satellite of CCP


All contributions (invited talks and posters) there will be distributed in the Scientific Programme according to the Sessions A-E listed below.

A- Computational and Mathematical Methods: Theory and Applications
Topics: Computational Complexity, Data Mining, Numerical Methods, Genetic Algorithms, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Meta-Heuristics and Multi-Agent Models.

B- Concepts and Applications from Statistical Physics Topics: Diffusive process, Self-Organized Criticality, Phase Transitions, Disordered Systems, Turbulence, Non-equilibrium and Collective Phenomena.

C- Ergodicity and Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Deterministic Systems Topics: Stochastic and Chaotic Systems, Chaos Control, Multi-stability, Fractals, Chaotic Time Series Analysis, Quantum Chaos and Applications.

D- Complexity in Chemistry, Biology and Medical Sciences Topics: Molecular Dynamics, Genetics and Bioinformatics, Virus Dynamics, Physiological Systems, Robotics and Artificial Life.

E- Complexity in Environmental and Space Sciences Topics: Extreme Events, Nonlinear Limnology, Nonlinear Process in the Ocean and Atmosphere, Space Weather Forecasting, Nonlinear Processes in Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Os painéis serão organizados no hall do auditório de acordo com as seções A a E. Cada apresentador de painel terá 5 minutos para expor o seu trabalho no primeiro dia do evento, conforme horário reservado previsto na programação (4a feira: 16:30 as 18:00h)

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