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<traveling to Guanajuato by plane>
There are two options for arriving in Guanajuato by plane: arriving in Mexico directly at Guanajuato International Airport (BJX) or arriving at Mexico City International Airport (MEX).

- Arriving directly at Bajio/Guanajuato International Airport (BJX):
This is also known as León Airport (since this is the largest city close to it) or Silao Airport (the city where the airport stays physically). It is located about 50 minutes away from Guanajuato city.

Once in the Bajio Airport, take a taxi from the airport to the Hotel Misión Guanajuato (about $450 pesos, negotiable), there is an authorized service center inside the Airport Terminal. Unfortunately there are no buses nor underground to Guanajuato city from this airport.

- Arriving at Mexico City International Airport (MEX):
The Benito Juárez International Airport is a good option because, since it is the main airport in Mexico, there are many more connections available. However you will need a second flight to arrive at Guanajuato or taking a bus.

Transfer from Mexico City (DF) to Guanajuato by plane:
The airline that makes this connection is Aeromexico (more usually its affiliated Aeromexico Connect). It takes less than 1 hour from MEX to BJX. There are 6 or 7 flights every day, around the following departure times: 5h20, 6h30, 12h30, 14h50, 18h30 and 20h50.

<traveling to Guanajuato by bus>
Transfer from Mexico City (DF) to Guanajuato by bus: This alternative is more economic but it takes at least 2 hours of transit in a big city and 5 hours by bus. The options are:
  • from Terminal 2 (MEX Airport) there is a bus line directly to Queretaro Bus Terminal, that is more or less in the midpoint from DF and Guanajuato. At Queretaro Bus Terminal you can take a bus directly to Guanajuato city. Check the avaiable departures and arrivals of both lines to avoid staying in Queretaro during the night.

  • from Terminal 1 (MEX Airport) you can take the metro to the main Bus Terminal (Central de Camiones Norte o Terminal Central Norte). The underground is very cheap ($4 mexican pesos) and relatively secure.

    Take the metro outside Terminal 1, line 5, in direction to "Politécnico" and get off at station "Autobuses del Norte" (time travel is about 20 minutes). There are two bus lines that offer the service from Central Norte towards Guanajuato: Pimera Plus (www.primeraplus.com.mx; about $360 mexican pesos) and ETN (http://www.etn.com.mx/; about $480 mexican pesos). Time travel is approximately 5 h.
  • from both Terminal 1 and 2 (MEX Airport) to the Central Norte you can also take a taxi. In this case it is recommended to use the authorized service centers inside the Airport Terminal.

<transportation inside Guanajuato>
Once in the Guanajuato Bus Station (Terminal de Autobuses) there are also two options. The cheapest one is by taking the urban buses ($5 pesos) - the ones going to Guanajuato city center that pass in Marfil, stop in front of the Hotel (20 min).

The other option is taking the taxi, which are also not expensive ($50 pesos; 7 min).

Guanajuato center is essentially a compact maze of winding streets, blind alleys and uncovered surprises. As such, the best way to get around Guanajuato, see its sights and experience its vibe is on your very own two feet.

<currency, electrical current, health care, typical prices for food>
- Exchange money and prices in Mexico.

You can exchange your money to PESOS MEXICANOS, the mexican currency, inside the Mexico City airport - the competition there makes the rates very attractive. But there are also booths and banks where you can go to exchange money also in Guanajuato city.

Debit and/or credit cards cards are well accepted in the majority of mexican commercial stores and restaurants. However, it is a good idea to always have some cash with you. Just to give an idea about the amount of cash in pesos that you should have with you, it follows some ordinary price information:

Item Value in mexican pesos:
fast food full lunch 70,00
tacos/burritos (order) 30,00
lunch at an ordinary restaurant 150,00
dinner at an ordinary restaurant 200,00
express coffee 20,00
mineral water - bottle 10,00
taxi from hotel to Guanajuato center 30,00
cine ticket 80,00
theater ticket 200,00
"Callejoneada" ticket 100,00

- Other useful information:
  • Official language in Mexico is Spanish.
  • Electrical current in Guanajuato (and in most of Mexico) is 110 V.
  • Time zone in Mexico central part (including Guanajuato and Mexico cities) is GMT - 6h.
  • Do not drink tap water and try to avoid beverages in the streets. In Mexico people usually drink purified water sold in small or big bottles.

Photos by Csar A. Caretta
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