Repositories for the Student's Projects


As part of the CAP394 - Introduction to Data Science course students are required to create and publish a repository with the code and links to the data used in their projects. Here is the list.


StudentLink to Repository
Adriano Pereira Almeida
Bruno Menini Matosak
Camila Pereira Sales
Dymitri Cardoso Leão
Eduardo Furlan Miranda
Felipe Carvalho de Souza
Helvecio Bezerra Leal Neto
Henrique Eduardo de Macedo
Henrique Mendes Castilho
Jelena Maksic
Lenice Mirian da Silva
Leonardo de Souza Vieira
Letícia Borges de Meirelles
Luiz Fernando Ferreira Gomes de Assis
Luiz Henrique dos Santos Fernandes
Marcelly Homem Coelho
Marcio Waldir Silva Junior
Paulo Renato Rodrigues
Rubens Andreas Sautter
Vitor Hugo da Fonseca Campos Alexandrino
Willian Vieira de Oliveira

Updated September 05, 2019