Av dos Astronautas, 1.758
Jd. Granja - CEP: 12227-010
São José dos Campos - SP
Tel: 55 (12) 3208-6000

Atualização: 27/05/2010

If you are a Full Registered participant, do not contact the Official Hotel directly. Your hotel reservation is automatically done by CCIS Local Org. Committee (LOC) after your pre-registration. Complete information about this will send to you by e-mail.

If you are a Partial Registered Participant, you are responsible for making your own hotel reservation. Informations on alternative hotels (location and rates) should be resquested to LOC:

Free Shuttle service from Hotel to INPE and vice-versa, is only provided to FARO HOTEL (the official automatic housing block for FULL modality attendees registration). If you stay in an alternative hotel, you should arrange for alternate transportation.

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