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Before you submit a contribution, please make your Pre-Registration. Please, do not submit abstracts if you are not pre-registered!

Contributions are invited for submission in any of the main topics listed below:

•Computational Mathematics,

•Computational Physics,

•Computational Chemistry,

•Computational Biology,

•Computational Engineering,

•Scientific Computing in Space and Environmental Sciences,

•Scientific Computing in Social and Human Sciences.

•Scientific Computing in Multidisciplinary Topics

•Scientific Computing for General Applications

You must use the CCIS template when writing your abstract. Download template in .doc format below. Do not change fonts, colors or styles. You will find more instructions in the CCIS_template. Maximum abstract length is 1 page (using the template format). You can, alternatively compose your abstract in an equivalent personal latex format (we supply only the .doc format).


PDF abstract sample (take a look!)

Write and convert your abstract to PDF format and send it to the email below.

(Please, do not submit abstracts if you are not pre-registered!)

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