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The aim of this meeting is to bring together for the first time in South America researchers from a wide range of backgrounds who share a common interest in the theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics. As so, researchers with background in physics, biology, engineering, chemistry and mathematics will have a forum to promote regional as well as international scientific and technological exchanges and collaborations specially, but not exclusively, on problems that are specially relevant for the development of science and technology in the South America region.

This conference will mark the start of the South America branch of the acclaimed Dynamics Days series of conferences, and will take place each two years in a different South America country. Besides regional researchers, the conference aims to bring prominent scientists world-wide to review recent developments in this multidisciplinary field.

Special focus will be put on students, as they will have the opportunity to be in contact with important, challenge and relevant research issues as well as the proper methodology that should be used to tackle specific problems.

Since its beginning, a key goal of Dynamics Days has been to promote the participation and cross-discipline interaction of young scientists together with more established experts from a wide variety of fields. The meeting is deliberately structured to encourage active participation from young scientists through both invited and contributed oral presentations and poster sessions.

The conference will be structured in plenary invited talks, minisymposium, contributed talks and poster sessions. It will cover a broad range of topics, including:

• Applications in Engineering and Nanoscience
• Applications of Dynamical Systems in Medicine and Health Sciences
• Applications of Nonlinear Sciences
• Astrodynamics
• Bifurcation Theory and Analysis
• Celestial Mechanics
• Chaos in Hamiltonian Systems
• Chaotic Dynamics
• Climate Dynamics
• Collective Phenomena
• Communication with Chaos
• Complex Networks
• Complex Dynamics in Chemical Systems

• Control of Chaos and Applications
• DNA Translocation Dynamics
• Dynamics of Biosystems
• Dynamics of Granular Materials
• Fluid Dynamics, Plasma and Turbulence
• Formation and Dynamics of Patterns
• Neural Dynamics
• Optoelectronic and Granular Matter
• Population Dynamics and Epidemiology
• Self-organization
• Stochastic Dynamics
• Synchronization
• Time series analysis

It is expected that this initiative will pave the way for the formation of a research network on nonlinear dynamics that will support and foster South America collaborative works on topics that are fundamental to the development of science and technology in the region. To mediate this movement, a database and a social network will be implemented to sustain the interchange and integration of dynamical system community in South America.

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