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Av dos Astronautas, 1.758
Jd. Granja - CEP: 12227-010
São José dos Campos - SP
Tel: 55 (12) 3208-6000

Arriving in São Paulo / Guarulhos International AirportTransfer
to São José dos Campos

The international airport that serves Sao Jose dos Campos area is the Sao Paulo / Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). It is located 50 minutes away from Sao Jose dos Campos.

A) Exchange money and prices in Brazil

You can exchange your money to reais, the Brazilian currency, inside the airport. There are several booths where you can go to exchange money. Just after the gate that gives access to airport lobby there is one.

Credit cards and atm cards are well accepted in the majority of Brazilians commercial stores and restaurants. However, it is a good idea to always have cash with you. Just to give you an idea about the amount of cash in reais that you should have with you, it follows some ordinary price informations:

Item Value in reais (R$)
Fast food full lunch 12.00
Lunch at an ordinary restaurant 15.00
Diner at an ordinary restaurant 20.00
Self-service at a steak house (“churrascaria”) 30.00
Taxi from hotel to INPE 20.00
Espresso 2.00
Mineral water - bottle 1.20
Theater ticket 13.00

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