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So Jos dos Campos, UNIFESP, September 21st, 2017

8:15 Open section Margarete Domingues, Maria Teodora Ferreira, Cludia Mesquita
8:30 Ezequiel Echer (DGE/CEA/INPE), Multiresolution analysis of magnetic field fluctuations in the Jupiter's magnetotail.
9:00 Mariza Pereira de Souza Echer (PNPD/CAPES- GES/INPE), Study about spectral properties of the Global, hemispheric and latitudinal air surface temperature series from NASA/GISS database and Sunspot Number by wavelet analyses.
9:30 Eniuce Menezes de Souza (UEM), Forecasting with Wavelet Hybrid Models
10:00 On this occasion we pay posthumous homage to Dr. Daniel Nordeman for his achievements, conducted by Mariza Echer.
14:00 Ralf Deiterding (University of Southampton), Wavelet criteria in magnetohydrodynamics modelling using the parallel framework AMROC.a
14:30 Müller Lopes (CAP/INPE), High order time synchronisation in multiresolution adaptive models.
15:00 Gilclia Regiane de Souza (Federal University of So Joo del-Rei), Jorge Stolfi (UNICAMP) Sampled irregularly functions approximation with tensorial elements compacts adaptive hierarchical bases
15:30 Multiscale Committee discussions

Organizers: Margarete O. Domingues (INPE), Maria Teodora Ferreira (F. Bilac/UNIVAP), Cludia Aline Mesquita UNIFESP).

Technical support: MSc. Eng. Renato Branco e MSc. Luciano Magrini.

Financial support: FAPESP, CNPq