CAP359 - Principles and Applications of Data Mining


These are the lecture notes and additional material for the course CAP359 - Principles and Applications of Data Mining, part of the Graduate Program in Applied Computing offered by the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research.
This course will be offered every third term of the year.

In this course students will learn algorithms, techniques and applications of Data Mining through practical examples. Students must complete the assigned exercises and present a complete project that applied the concepts and algorithms to data related to his or her research field.

Course material and additional notes are in English. Lectures may be presented in Portuguese. Notes are frequently updated!

See below the course schedule, additional material for the course and references.

Course Schedule for 2019 (Third Term)

Important: Due to many meetings and conferences during the third term, part of the time for the lectures will be used to develop projects. Students must allocate time to work on these projects, which will be discussed with the lecturer(s).

Lectures will be held on Fridays, 8:30AM - noon, at Rotunda's room #8.

September 27th Introduction to the course, discussion on the projects.
Lecture Notes. Your project: start with the data preparation task.
October 4th Introduction to Data Analysis with Python and R (Felipe Souza, Felipe Menino)
Links to contents, presentation.
October 11th No lectures this day. Please work on the data preparation tasks.
October 18th What is data and what is minable data (Lecture Notes).
Naive introduction to classification algorithms (Lecture Notes).
How's your project?
October 25th
November 1st TBC: Data Mining with Orange (Olga Bittencourt)
November 8th
November 15th No lectures this day -- federal holiday.
November 22nd
November 29th
December 6th
December 13th

Additional Material

A R package used in the lectures: cap359r

Material used by José Roberto Motta Garcia for a Data Science in R talk (warning: 230MB file!)




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